Pleasant Creek

Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area in Linn County is a premier outdoor destination for fishing and boating. The state recreation area was developed in the 1960s to create accessible lake recreation for eastern Iowa communities. Several miles of trails, a large lake and nearby hunting help make Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area a popular spot for several year-round recreational activities.

Pleasant Creek is a year-round stream that has cut a deep, scenic canyon through the heart of Capitol Reef. Exploring the length of the canyon requires numerous creek crossings; it is often possible to jump over the creek, but stepping into the water may be necessary at times. Dangerous flash floods are an occasional hazard on this route. Do not hike the Pleasant Creek route if there is a chance of rain. Do not camp next to the creek.

When hiking and camping along Pleasant Creek around mid-October, be advised that local ranchers have permits from the park to move cattle through Pleasant Creek Canyon at that time of year. Choose campsites carefully, and stand clear of approaching cattle herds.

Pleasant Creek

Pleasant Creek Campground is nestled in a wooded setting along a tributary of the Vermillion River, surrounded by rolling hills and mature trees. We are located 5 miles from the entrance of Starved Rock State Park in the gateway town of Oglesby, Illinois. Pleasant Creek Campground is quietly tucked away in the heart of the Illinois Valley and just minutes from unique shops, historical sites, recreational activities, and amazing dining!

Full-Day Fishing (8+ hours)

  • covers all our licensed areas. include lunch
  • $650 per day for 1 to 2 anglers

3/4 Day Fishing (4-6 hours)

  • This service includes the big River, its tributaries and silver
    Creek. Lunches are not included, but may be purchased by special order ($15/person)
  • $495 per day 1 to 2 anglers

1/2 Day Fishing (up to 4 hours)

  • This service includes the big River, and some of its tributaries . Lunches are not included, but may be purchased by special order ($15/person)
  • $495 per day 1 to 2 anglers

Drift Boat Fishing (8+hours )

  • Over 60-plus miles of water along the salmon River
  • $750 per day for 1 to 2 anglers. Full-Day

Steelhead Fishing (8+hours )

  • Steelhead season begins in mid-March and runs to the end of April on the upper Salmon River.lunch included.
    $750 per day for 1 to 2 annglers. Full-Day

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