Sulphur Creek Narrows

The Sulphur Creek Narrows is a stunning almost 6 mile hike in the middle portion of Capitol Reef National Park with the oldest and most diverse geology of all. Several waterfalls and slot canyons on this Capitol Reef guided hike make this a favorite on hot summer days as you can keep yourself wet and cool throughout the day following this perennial stream.

Wading is somewhat extensive after recent rainfall or in spring following runoff. Early spring or late fall excursion will require bringing some additional socks/dry layers to change into to be comfortable just in case.  Hiking here in late May through September can generally be done with sandals and shorts.

$450 (1-2 people), $550 (3-4 people), $650 (5-6 people)


What's Included?

  • Shuttle for this thru-hike is included by CRO’s
  • Guides will call clients the evening prior to all tours to discuss required clothing and other necessities.
  • Your guide will insure your safety by taking all necessary precautions.
  • Experienced guide will interpret the geology and other information about Capitol Reef National Park. 
  • Supplies for properly going to the bathroom in remote areas.  

What You Will Need

  • Personal reusable water bottles filled.
  • Bring personal medications and make us aware of any medical conditions at the time of booking.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for your desired level of seasonal exposure.  Sandals are fine on most tours from late May through September.  Spring and fall requires more layers and hiking boots.
  • We do not provide rain gear or jackets.  You will be required to bring a warm jacket October to late May.
  • Sunscreen, hat, repellant and personal items.

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