Upper Muley Twist Canyon Hiking Tour


Upper Muley Twist Canyon

The Upper Muley Twist Canyon cuts parallel along the spine of the Waterpocket Fold creating a canyon of endless colors. Navajo and Wingate sandstone layers are exposed by the tilted uplift and folding of the Earth’s crust and sculpted by millions of years of erosion. 

Highlights of the hike are the 100 mile-long monocline (longest in western hemisphere), narrow slot canyons, slickrock, large arches and amphitheaters from the top of the Waterpocket Fold.

A diverse hike that our professional guides can somewhat customize.  For those interested, we can take additional time in the narrow slot canyons as well as the high country hiking along the top of the monocline looking down.

$790 (1-2 people), $890 (3-4 people), $990 (5-6 people)

  • Overnight Backpacking – Call us for details & pricing


What's Included?

  • Transportation is included by high-clearance 4×4
  • Guides will call clients the evening prior to all tours to discuss required clothing and other necessities.
  • Your guide will insure your safety by taking all necessary precautions.
  • Experienced guide will interpret the geology and other information about Capitol Reef National Park. 
  • Supplies for properly going to the bathroom in remote areas.  

What You Will Need

  • Personal reusable water bottles filled.
  • Bring personal medications and make us aware of any medical conditions at the time of booking.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for your desired level of seasonal exposure.  Sandals are fine on most tours from late May through September.  Spring and fall requires more layers and hiking boots.
  • We do not provide rain gear or jackets.  You will be required to bring a warm jacket October to late May.
  • Sunscreen, hat, repellant and personal items.

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