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Waterpocket Fold - 4 Hour Tour
Waterpocket Fold - 6 Hour Tour
Waterpocket Fold - 8 Hour Tour
Waterpocket Fold - 10 Hour Muley Twist Hike
Waterpocket Fold & Henry Mountains (8hrs+)
Guide Gratuity Not Included

Capitol Reef Outfitters guide staff are undoubtedly the most experienced in the region.  Their experience is not measured in years, but decades as several of our local pros have raised families here.  We employ geologists, professional photographers, outdoor addicts & genuinely fun people to share the day with.  See our guide profiles!



The south district of Capitol Reef National Park or Waterpocket Fold district encompasses the largest defining feature in the park and most visitors have no idea what it is.  The 100 + mile monocline is the longest in the western hemisphere.  This “step-up” or warp in the rock layers showcase dramatic geological formations which one must see in person to truly appreciate the beauty which is why we strongly recommend this tour.

Each tour starts by first passing completely through the monocline of Capitol Reef from one side to the other.  Half day tours will see some of the highlights, but not all.  Much of the drive is relatively smooth, while other parts are slow and rough getting to a few of these iconic spots. 

Numerous enjoyable short hikes can be experienced in this region as canyon walls provide shade from the heat.  Guides will call the evening prior to discuss tour options.